0.6.4   Added Burnished Aegis, Tindalos Band, and Broken Watch.  Updated Recipes for Crimson Bracelet, Statue of Soteria, and Torch.
0.6.3	Database updated with official API
		Axe start bugfixed.
0.6.2   한국어 Korean support added.
0.6.1	Automatically select route and all route items tab
0.6.0	All Route Items feature added	
0.5.9	Routes now show build components that are wearable.
		Adjacency score removed.
		Weapon score bonus added when weapon components are built immediately.
		7 length routes added.		
0.5.8	Randomizer fixes.
0.5.7	Database recipe correction for Ruthenium Marble
0.5.6	Random function doesn't include RNG items, only green allowed in accessory, weapon randomizer is optional.
0.5.5	Add random function
0.5.4	Database redone with proper combines data.
		Inventory management rewritten.
		New progression score.
		Score stars added.
		Cemetery->Pond added as Adjacent. Beach/Archery range considered as teleportable. Still on the fence about other adjacent teleporters.
0.5.3	Added Laced Quiver		
0.5.2	Update Nunchaku weapon icon
		Added weapon score modifier (+1 if selected weapon is attained ASAP)
		Better support for lower screen resolutions
0.5.1	Bottom panel added with map and build stats. Hover routes to update the map.
		Credits for editing help from BlessedSand
0.5.0	Bug fixed where sometimes not all images were displayed under the route
0.4.9	Updated to game version 0.17.0
		Added proper weapon icons except for Nunchaku which will be added when game is up
		Fixed header HTML
		When resetting weapon, the results list is cleared instead of recalculating
0.4.8	HUGE speedups and a couple fixes
0.4.7	Fix bug when not using dropdown
0.4.6	Fix dropdown bug. Cache back online
0.4.5	Database correction - Archery Range connects to Alley, not Avenue
0.4.4 	Bugfix
0.4.3	Major speedup
0.4.2	More bugfixes and optimizations
0.4.1	Bugfixes and optimizations. Adjacency score now starts at 1 and decreases by 1 per non-adjacent zone
		Progression score removed
0.4.0	New custom route dropdowns added. These don't just filter the results, they regenerate based on the user's specificaton
0.3.9	Removed bonus for weapon and leg from progression score. It throws off the calculation too much
		Leaving it to the user's discretion
0.3.8	More inventory management score fixes
0.3.7	Fixed a bug in the inventory management score algorithm
		Updated database with patch 0.16.9
		Reduced brightness of 'Legendary' background		
		Changelog started